If You Only Knew What That Car Went Through – Now You Do

This clever spot will likely come to mind the next time you’re considering the purchase of a used car.


Carro Singapore


TBWA\Group Singapore

Singapore-based Carro has launched a regional brand film ‘A Car’s Journey in Reverse’, via by TBWA Group Singapore, highlighting the care and effort one must put into buying a used car.

The clever film does this by looking at the car’s life in reverse to see all that it’s been through.

And it’s not pretty.


Christopher Hill, film director, AppleBox Asia, said: “By throwing the film into reverse, the story of the car’s history unfolds through the lens of the vehicle’s previous owners — everything from the car’s regular upkeep and maintenance to the unwanted bumps in the road.”

The film, done in collaboration with production houses Applebox Asia, Fuse Adventures in Audio and The Quiet Lab, launches across Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

“The intent of the film is to take a step back, literally, to cleverly showcase the bigger picture; when you buy a used car from Carro, it comes with quality assurance,” said Robert Nelk, associate creative director, TBWA\Singapore.


Katherine Teo, regional head of marketing, CARRO, said: “This campaign is part of our larger regional market expansion plans, and our goal is to increase people’s confidence in purchasing a used car – importantly, one from CARRO.”

Said Simond Chew, creative lead, Carro: “The purpose of this film is to help build Carro long-term brand vision of trust. At Carro, we will always be truthful about a car’s history – through our rigorous 160-point inspection and high-quality refurbishment process, we ensure that all Carro Certified cars sold will be as good as new.”

There is also a behind the scenes look at the making of the spot.

To capture these damages occurring as authentically as possible, scenes in the film were carefully planned down to the smallest detail, with numerous footages re-shot to mirror realistic everyday situations. For example, the red CARRO was driven into the curb numerous times to trial-and-error for a scratch on the front bumper (that’s not too big and not too small), and was driven over an actual speed bump several times for the perfect milk-shake spill.

To fully achieve the film’s vision, a stunt driver brought to life the experience of travelling back in time by driving in reverse, in real time, while the world moved forward.

“This unique approach demonstrated CARRO’s pursuit of perfection, attention to detail and pride in their approach when it comes to going the extra mile for car buyers,” said Mark Peeters, associate creative director, TBWA\Singapore.

Rising car prices and the increasing costs of living in Singapore has caused a shift in general consumer preferences, and people in Singapore are realising the advantages of buying used cars. With an expected increase of sales occurring through certified pre-owned car dealerships, the used car industry in Singapore is projected to grow from 2020 to 2025E by a CAGR of 11.1% (by value in SGD Billion).


Client: Carro Singapore
Creative Agency: TBWA\Group Singapore
Production: Applebox Asia, Fuse Adventures in Audio, The Quiet Lab

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