‘If Culture Collides With Technology, Barriers Will Fall’ Says Huawei 5G Campaign in China

While 5G is set to usher in a new wave of possibilities for brands on mobile, “the general public still lacks an intuitive grasp of its potential and concrete applications,” says a new campaign from Huawei created by the WPP Team Huawei.

Last month Huawei released “5G Kung Fu Showdown”, a short film that takes the audience into another dimension of gaming thanks to 5G capabilities. The campaign features a cross-dimensional confrontation between a Chinese kungfu master and a mobile gamer. Who do you pick to win?



“The unfolding 5G era offers an incredible opportunity to rethink the role of smartphones,” said Chris Reitermann, Global Client Leader of WPP Team Huawei.

If this is the future, ring the bell, and let’s get it started.

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