Identity: Zami Fermented Persimmon Juice – Minimalist Project Seoul

Check out this simple, elegant design by Seoul-based agency minimalist Project.

The client is Zami, an eco-friendly sweet persimmon farm with a proud history of 40 years since its establishment in 1974.

The persimmons grown on the farm are called ‘Fuyu’, which is well known as the highest quality persimmon for its delicate, soft flesh and rich sugar content. It is enjoyable as a healthy drink, usually diluted with water or carbonated water or used for cooking.


In order to bring out the brand philosophy and its quality, the overall look and feel of packaging is understated, minimal –allowing the contents to speak for themself.

Agency: minimalist Project
Type: Produced, Commercial
Work Client: ZAMI F&B
Location: Seoul, Korea
Packaging Contents: Fermented persimmon juice
Packaging Materials: Paper


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