‘Huntsman Condoms’ – An Elaborate Prank Played on Hunters by PETA

Hats off (and condoms on) to the clever marketing stunt from PETA that targets not only current hunters, but apparently, their potential offspring as well.

The campaign for a fake product called “Huntsman Condoms” saw the animal rights organization launch this faux product with promotions that included direct mailings, visiting trade shows and garnering celebrity hunter endorsements support for their Huntsman Condoms.

Huntsman Condoms - Branding in Asia


They even made promotional ads and a website to purchase the product.

All this before revealing that it was just a prank. Here it the gloating video:


“Hunters, you’ve been pranked by Peta,” exclaims PETA on their website for the fake product.

“PETA decided it was time to get back at recreational hunters. So they orchestrated a prank—by secretly developing, marketing and distributing a brand of condoms especially for hunters. The brand was called Huntsman and its real purpose was to encourage hunters to stop reproducing. Because it’s a fact that hunting is passed on from generation to generation. PETA successfully marketed Huntsman to the global hunting community and they didn’t suspect a thing. Now the world is laughing. We cannot sustain future generations of hunters. So hunters – please use Huntsman Condoms and don’t F** with nature.”

PETA tapped MullenLowe Singapore to develop the campaign.

We’ll just have to take PETA at their word on how effective it actually was in fooling hunters. But man, that’s one heckuva gag.