HTC Happy with Customer Praise for its Phones in Japan

HTC, Taiwan’s flagship phone maker, gets high appraisal in Japan’s customer satisfaction ranking, beating other Android phones, like Samsung, despite the reported reduction in sales and job cuts.

A ranking released by Oricon Inc showed that Apple Inc had the highest satisfaction rating. They had an overall score of 72.85 points  in Japan’s smartphone market. Next is Sony Mobile, 71.36 points, then Fujitsu Ltd at 69.47, followed by HTC at 69.19. Samsung lands with 68.77 points, Sharp Corp at 68.69, and LG Electronics Inc at 67.16.

The survey by Oricon covered 12 smartphone makers. These smartphones are selling products in Japan from 2013 til last year. Oricon received 18,847 valid samples for their survey and it is based on seven categories. These categories include quality of the connection, company reliability, product operability, the integrity of features, design, camera functions, and performance.


Apple ranked first in all of the categories with the exception of the integrity of features, wherein they ranked seventh. On the other hand, HTC was second in product operability and integrity of features and ranked third in design. HTC received fifth in product performance, sixth in camera functions and reliability of the company and eighth in quality of connection.

In spite of higher ratings in customer satisfaction, HTC failed to translate these into sales as they weren’t included in the top 5 smartphone makers in Japan’s second quarter this year.

Apple dominated the sales with 39.1 percent share of the smartphone market, according a report published by IDC Japan August 27. Sony Mobile had 14.9 percent, Sharp had13.2 percent, Samsung had 12 percent, and Fujitsu had  7.6 percent.

Geninna Ariton

Geninna Ariton

Gennina is a contributor to Branding in Asia.

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