HSBC & Wunderman Thompson Hong Kong Dispel Investment Myths in HSBC One Campaign

In a marketplace where competitors frequently highlight their “no-cost offerings”, it’s no surprise that misconceptions about investing remain prevalent. Such misleading narratives suggest that online forums can provide reliable investment advice, or that “major banks like HSBC cater solely to the affluent and seasoned investors”, further muddling the picture for beginner investors.

Recognising its leadership role in Hong Kong’s banking and financial services sector, HSBC is dedicated to dispelling these misunderstandings while simultaneously illuminating the genuine, unparalleled benefits of HSBC One. As a result, HSBC has partnered with Wunderman Thompson to launch the HSBC One Reth!nk Wealth Campaign. The campaign’s dual mission is to challenge these widespread investment fallacies and to simultaneously encourage millennials to explore quality and high-value solutions instead of settling for low-priced alternatives. By choosing HSBC One, you can access a range of offerings that prioritize exceptional quality and superior value.

This campaign notably features a collaboration with artist Ho Kai Wa (Dee) and ViuTV King Maker V participant Aaron Leung, who are known for their strikingly similar appearances. This creative approach underscores the campaign’s central message: despite superficial similarities, significant differences can lie beneath the surface of banking and investment solutions. HSBC is committed to cutting through the confusion and providing accurate information about the real benefits offered by HSBC One’s comprehensive banking and investment solutions.


The Reth!nk Wealth campaign comprises a series of thought-provoking videos designed to tackle prevalent misconceptions about HSBC and investment behaviours, displaying HSBC’s extensive solutions to address these misunderstandings. The subjects covered range from emphasising the importance of prioritising high-value platforms over merely inexpensive ones, to the necessity for seeking informed investment advice from experts.


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