HSBC Turns Hong Kong into an Open Canvas with Year-Long ‘Open to Art’ Initiative

“Open to Art aims to transform the way people access art and the way art can be experienced by the audience.”




MSL Hong Kong

A new initiative by HSBC called ‘Open to Art’ aims to transform and modernize people’s access to art and the way they experience different forms of art and culture in Hong Kong, which is one of the world’s biggest art trading centers.

To kick off, HSBC is turning the city of Hong Kong into an open canvas, while a Metaverse Gallery is giving local emerging artists much-needed exposure.

At Hong Kong’s bustling Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier, HSBC has transformed a huge 3D digital billboard into an immersive art experience. MSL Hong Kong collaborated with new media creator Henry Chu, whose work has been exhibited in some of the world’s most prestigious museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Hong Kong Museum of Art and M+ Museum in Hong Kong.


Chu’s vibrant abstract flower visualizations are triggered by movement, forming unique digital art pieces. As part of a roster of rotating artworks featured, Yayoi Kusama’s iconic pumpkins are also displayed as a 3D art piece to encourage locals to visit HSBC’s sponsored M+ Special Exhibition, Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now.

HSBC’s ‘Open to Art’ Metaverse Gallery is another new platform where local artists can showcase their work, transforming traditional art into immersive digital experiences. Local artists showcasing their work include Flyingpig, Wong Ping and Yeung Hok Tak.

“Open to Art aims to transform the way people access art and the way art can be experienced by the audience. This ultimately brings amazing art and cultural experiences to the Hong Kong public, while making contemporary visual culture more accessible to everyone. Stemming from our HSBC brand promise of ‘Open up a world of opportunity’, this will also serve as a long-term platform where HSBC aims to open up the community to more things, like Open to Sports, Open to Tech, and beyond,” said Brian Hui, Head of Customer Propositions and Marketing, HSBC.


Alexis Chiu, Group Managing Director at MSL Hong Kong added: “HSBC wanted to show its support for the city’s local art scene by launching the Open to Art initiative: a commitment to making contemporary visual culture more accessible. This installation is part of the bigger picture of transforming the city into a canvas for people to access and appreciate art in a new way.”

As Hong Kong’s largest bank, HSBC is known for being a catalyst in the community when it comes to championing local causes. Art is already a huge passion among its audience, but with the launch of ‘Open to Art’, HSBC is opening Hong Kong’s exclusive art market up to everyone by transforming the city itself into a canvas for immersive art experiences.

Last June, HSBC unveiled the world’s largest NFT gallery, which was displayed on the façade of HSBC Hong Kong’s main building to demystify the world of NFT art by democratizing access to it. In August, HSBC unveiled ‘Art of Progress – Shan Shui Indexes’ – an art piece that shifts according to stock market volatility. It was created in collaboration with new media creator Victor Wong.

Hong Kong’s art market now ranks second in art sales globally behind New York and ahead of London.

HSBC recently teamed up with M+, Hong Kong’s global museum of Visual culture, as Lead Sponsor, while in 2023, it will continue to raise the profile of Hong Kong artists through several initiatives that will launch in collaboration with MSL Hong Kong. The launch of this strategic and creative platform is now paving the way for more to come in 2023.

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