HSBC Offers Six Million Views of the Future

And there will be Durian on the moon!

If the last two years of struggling through a global pandemic have taught us anything it is that the future is unpredictable.

With that in mind, HSBC has released a new campaign pitching the launch of its new experience that allows people in Singapore to view almost 6 million possible visions of their financial future.

Created in partnership with Wunderman Thompson, PHD, Meta and, the HSBC Futureverse is “a film experience and technology engine that can generate almost 6 million possible futures, a first for the banking industry in Singapore,” said the company.


The experience takes place on Facebook Messenger, delivering a unique and different film experience to every single person who watches it on the platform.  You can interact with the HSBC Futurevers chatbot here.

Of these 6 million futures, who knows how many we’ll get right? Which really begs the question – what are the odds of anyone accurately predicting the future?


“HSBC believes the path to a sustainable future is not about predicting the future, but about embracing the uncertainty of it,” the brand said in a release.

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