HR Platform Deel Launches ‘Bring the World to Work’ Campaign

The OOH ads will be running in 14 major cities including Singapore.

HR platform, Deel, has launched the “Bring the world to work” campaign that mimics the recurring Yes theme and is aimed at raising awareness amongst businesses and HR decision-makers that Deel is now a full-stack global HR platform.

The OOH ads will be running in 14 major cities including Singapore, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, LA, and Tel Aviv through June, with the OOH ads placed at Raffles Place MRT station in Singapore.

American design agency Lafayette American designed the OOH ad, the scripted video ad was by Here Be Dragons, and the social video was created by The Cabinet.


The campaign is supported on various social media platforms with static social posts that mimic the OOH ads and a video on social media where Deel’s team members from over 100 countries say “yes” in their native language, affirming the “yes” to managing all HR matters with Deel.

“Deel serves and champions global teams and their leaders. The campaign “Bring the world to work” is about empowering them to say “yes” to the challenges and opportunities of multinational work arrangements,” said Jola Aerts, Creative Director at Deel.


“This upbeat campaign conveys that with Deel’s unique benefits, HR departments can move companies forward, help unlock business growth, and expand globally. Whether it’s payroll, immigration, or compliance, workers can say “yes” to doing all things HR in one place for the first time ever, no matter where they are in the world. Our agency partners, Lafayette American and Here Be Dragons, were instrumental in this campaign coming together.”

They also collaborated with popular social media personality Pasha Grozdov.


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