HR Fintech Startup Paytime Awards Performance Media and Digital Marketing Account to Agnes Media

Agnes Media has been appointed by HR fintech startup Paytime to manage performance media and digital marketing in a bid to help increase their market share as an earned wage access provider.

Australian-owned Paytime gives workers access to their wages and salary as and when they want it. Paytime provides businesses with a free tech platform offering employees the ability to access their earned wages at any time in the month.

“Financial and mental stress is widespread and impacted employees are less productive, engaged and loyal to their employer. With half of Australian workers impacted, Paytime partners with companies to empower, educate and equip their employees by giving them access to their wages/salary when they need it, coupled with financial and mental health tools, to offer an all in one, holistic financial and mental wellbeing solution without any additional work for payroll,” said Steven Furman, founder and CEO of Paytime


“As a fairly new entrant into the HR fintech space, we look forward to working with Agnes Media to build our brand and drive engagement across digital channels.”

The appointment follows a period of growth for Agnes Media which launched last year. The independent agency partners with clients with aggressive growth and measurement goals, helping them optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

“Paytime is a highly innovative business that seeks to overcome the financial stresses and mental health issues caused by an inability for employees to access their pay when it’s needed most,” added Charlotte Ward, CEO of Agnes Media.

“Similar brands have seen high success in the USA and UK (Australia is about 3 years behind) and we’re excited to be a part of Payime’s growth in Australia to provide greater access to pay for workers, by their employers.”



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