HP India Ad Cleverly Highlights Divergence of the Old and New

BBDO has launched a campaign for Hewlett-Packard in India for its laptop that bends 360 degrees –using it as a metaphor for a new generation that works more flexibly than the one before it.

It opens in a coffee shop with a table of old-school Indian executives wearing dark suits and ties, discussing the new ways of working. They spot young entrepreneur on his laptop on the other side of the room.

The ad is part of HP’s global ‘Bend the Rules’ that launched last year.


“Technology is changing the codes that we live by,” said Josy Paul, chairman and CEO of BBDO India. “At home, at college, at play and at work. We are witnessing a collapse of old hierarchy, and the barriers between work and play is vanishing. To an earlier generation these changes appear as out of norm or out of convention and they probably sneer at them. The new HP campaign plays off this tension between the old soch and the new approach.”

This is part of larger digital campaign with webisodes featuring scenarios with people who have a ‘unique approach to their soch’.

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