Howatson+Company Appoints Hoang Nguyen Chief Data and Technology Officer

Hoang Nguyen, former Director, Digital and Engineering at Appscore and Executive Director of Engineering at CHE Proximity, has joined Howatson+Company as its new Chief Data and Technology Officer.

“If you’ve met Hoang, you’ll have felt his contagious passion for the technology and data underpinning today’s best digital utilities,” said Chris Howatson, Founder and CEO at Howatson+Company.

Before joining Howatson+Company, Hoang led teams and designed architectures for several blue-chip enterprises such as NAB and ANZ, Samsung, Telstra, and many financial and technology startups.


“I was attracted to Howatson+Company for its focus on people, its entrepreneurial spirit, and the opportunity to create,” said Hoang.

“No other place could offer the fusion between creativity and technology, design for humans and the machine. I’m excited to bring data and technology together, especially as privacy management becomes critical in meeting compliance requirements and managing brand reputation.”

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