How INVNT.ATOM Transformed Automobili Lamborghini’s Global Brand Footprint With Web3 initiatives

“These results demonstrate how incredibly powerful leveraging Web3 is in any modern marketing strategy.”

Lamborghini Ultimate: 1:1 NFT & The Last Avendator Coupé

Across 2022 and 2023, INVNT.ATOM™, INVNT GROUP’s digital and Web3 Innovation division delivered two historic NFT campaigns in collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini, as the legacy super sportscar leader celebrated its 60th anniversary and entered its hybrid era.

‘Lamborghini Ultimate’ a world first 1:1 NFT & The Last Aventador Coupé in collaboration with contemporary artist Krista Kim and Grammy award-winning artist Steve Aoki, and most recently “The Epic Road Trip”, an 8-month Web3 initiative with utilities which cultivated a community of global Web3 loyalists around the world. The conclusion of “The Epic Road Trip” marked the brand’s 60th anniversary where the Italian marque revealed the “Revuelto”, the brand’s first dual-powertrain supercar – continuing their commitment to a more sustainable future.

Lamborghini was the first super sports car brand to enter the world of digital collectibles, with their release of digital bitstamps in 2020. In partnership with INVNT GROUP, two major Web3 initiatives have followed suit, cultivating a new community of a younger tech audience, and established loyalists to mark the hybrid era, as the brand races towards complete electrification by 2030.


INVNT GROUP partnered with Steve Aoki and Krista Kim to create an audiovisual collaboration that saw the creation of the world’s first 1:1 NFT supercar, auctioning off the physical version of the last ever Aventador Coupe with auction house RM Sotheby’s. The NFT paired with the physical sports car sold at an auction price of $1.6M, placing the purchase price in the top 10 new Lamborghinis ever sold.

On the back of the global success and impact of“Lamborghini Ultimate” Lamborghini continued their partnership with [INVNT GROUP] with the launch of “The Epic Road Trip”.

This 8-month-long campaign showcased monthly prizes and NFT reveals, concluding in a global celebration of the brand’s 60th anniversary and the ultimate reveal of the Revuelto. The consequential results of “The Epic Road Trip ” showcased a nod to the brand’s transformation, with 10.5x campaign ROI. Collectively, both campaigns have garnered 1.8 billion global editorial media impressions, across 2.4K featured editorial placements, totalling over $17.3M USD of advertising value.

“These results demonstrate how incredibly powerful leveraging Web3 is in any modern marketing strategy,” says Scott Cullather, President & CEO of [INVNT GROUP], and CEO of INVNT.ATOM.


“These are highly engaged, hands-on collectors with a passion for the Lamborghini brand. By focusing on a curated group of brand loyalists, Lamborghini was able to both deepen its connection with its biggest fans while also welcoming new people to be a part of its timeless heritage and future. As an ultra-luxury brand that sold just 9,233 vehicles in 2022, every boost in purchase intent is worth millions.”

“Lamborghini is an aspirational brand, and Web3 is a bridge to people that are dreaming Lamborghini, but also for people that are not familiar with the brand and more familiar with art, design and NFTs. It’s an example of how art and design are connected to our brand. And the good thing is that with the NFTs we’re able to make sure that this dream is also in the reach for the fan,” said Christian Maestro, Marketing Director of Automobili Lamborghini, in Carly Reilly’s Overpriced JPEGS Podcast Series with Scott Cullather.

As the brand continues its journey towards complete hybridization of its lineup by 2025, expect further experimentation at the leading edge of community, blockchain and utility.


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