‘How Do You Bentley?’ – Bentley Motors Launches Global Brand Campaign

Developed by IPG-X, the film is directed by Anders Hallberg and imagines a series of lenses into the Bentley World.



Bentley Motors is inviting “Gen B” to discover and connect with the world of Bentley with the launch a new global brand campaign, ‘How do you Bentley?’.

According to the iconic automaker, Gen B is a generation that transcends time, race, and gender.

“Gen B is Bentley’s target audience comprised of new and existing customers, fans of the brand and colleagues – all united by their common mindset to challenge the status quo, push the boundaries of luxury and explore the world of tomorrow,” the brand, which was founded in 1919, said in a release.


Developed by IPG-X,  part of IPG, the film ‘How Do You Bentley?’ is directed by Anders Hallberg and imagines a series of lenses into the Bentley World.

Each “floor” on the elevator “touches on the passions of the target audiences and nods to the brand’s existing presence within these spaces,” says Bentley.




Steven de Ploey, Global Marketing Director, said: “This brand campaign will be instrumental in positioning Bentley as the undisputed leader in luxury and performance, highlighting all aspects of the Bentley business, well beyond automotive.

The campaign will also create an even more distinct and desirable profile for the brand, appealing to both new and existing target audiences by tapping into their key passion points.”



Nick Cooper, Global Executive Creative Director at IPG-X, said: “Our campaign line, ‘How do you Bentley?’ enables the brand to lead the conversation about what luxury lifestyle looks like, using a shared mindset to communicate with both an existing and growth audience.

Director Anders Hallberg’s experience in understanding the luxury lifestyle world enabled us to dial into the audience passion points, as much as the cars, to create a compelling and authentic narrative that embodied the brand. This campaign will be at the forefront of driving the brand beyond purely automotive and towards a luxury lifestyle proposition.”


The campaign will run across paid media, Out Of Home, Connected TV, and Bentley’s organic social channels to enable access, immersion, and interaction within Bentley’s world.

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