Brand Element Design: Horse Studio Designed Nongfu Spring Water – China

Independent UK design studio Horse has designed the packaging for a new premium mineral water for Nongfu Spring, the leading bottled water manufacturer in China.

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Produced for high-end restaurants, bars and hotels, the bottles feature eight different plant and animal species from Moya Spring, at the foot of Changbai Mountain – the volcanic region bordering China and North Korea that produces the water.


The screen-printed design pays homage to the source by depicting indigenous species, including the Siberian Tiger and Chinese Merganser, and is accompanied by Chinese copy that reveals facts about the region.

“We commissioned Natasha Searston to illustrate a range of flora to decorate the still variants, and fauna for the sparkling,” said Sarah Pidgeon, creative partner at Horse.

“Natasha’s contemporary drawn illustrations are accompanied by facts on each bottle that not only educate but also build a sense of collectibility across the different designs.”


The shape of the bottle has been designed to resemble the soft and elegant lines of a water droplet and the appointment of one of the best glass manufacturers in the world help to show the purity and clarity of the product.

“When we first visited Moya Spring we were really inspired by the beautiful forests and the amazing and varied species that live above the subterranean reservoirs,” Pidgeon added.

“We knew that our task would be to convey the natural wonder of this environment and bring it to the consumer in the most beautiful way we could.”

Nongfu Spring’s Chairman Zhong commented: “We spent years hunting for an exceptionally high quality mineral water source with a low sodium content and great taste.

“The water spends up to 60 years underground, exposed to high pressures at a depth of thousands of meters. The silica and minerals present in the volcanic rock dissolve into the water, creating the natural mineral content.

“It was therefore essential that the design could match the premium quality of the water and the stunning location of the spring.”

[From UK design studio Horse Brief]