HOOQ Launches Campaign Film via Dentsu Jayme Syfu & PixelBox Manila

    By Harold Henry - Oct 21, 2019
    HOOQ Launches Campaign Film via Dentsu Jayme Syfu & PixelBox Manila

    HOOQ has launched a campaign spot created by PixelBox Manila in collaboration with Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Philippines. The film, director by Lyle Sacris, features man discovers a way to escape the blah of everyday life as HOOQ transports him to different worlds of different genres available on the on-demand streaming service.

    The fill will be rolled out across the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

    “Deeply rooted in local culture, with each variant of the material embodying a specific theme per country, the film is centered on the idea of ‘Hooked On You,'” said Dentsu’s Merlee Jayme. “We wanted to visualize the act of getting hooked on something new and exciting, of never having enough, which is intrinsically tied to the practice of VOD and Binge-Watching”


    “It’s always a challenge working on a CG-heavy production; each project brings a unique set of obstacles and there’s always a bit of problem-solving involved,” said Sacris.

    “For this film, we wanted to create an experience that really immerses the viewer and engages their imagination. And while that meant a lot of CG work, it also meant creating that environment during the shoot—with dynamic camera movements, interactive lighting on-set, a lot of green screens and some imagination. After the CGI work was completed, the color and online team at PixelBox gave it that extra kick, creating characters and environments with a distinct, otherworldly feel.”


    “Working with both Dentsu Jayme Syfu and Film Pabrika on such a great project was too good an opportunity to pass up for our PixelBox team!” added PixelBox GM Stephen Douglas.


    Creatives – Merlee Jayme, Apol Sta. Maria, Chary Chu, Jopy Arnaldo, Gian Nealega, Jio Galvan
    Planning – Diday Veneracion Alcudia
    Accounts – Alex Syfu, Cams Virina, Isabelle Kim
    Producer – Lester Parulan, Pau Javier from Slingshot
    Production House – Film Pabrika
    Director – Lyle Sacris
    Producer – Phoebe Nedia
    Audio House – Loudbox
    Post Production – Pixelbox Manila inc
    Lead Online Artist- King Santos
    Colourist-Thomas Bouffioulx
    Assistant Colourist – Cesca Veneracion
    Producer – Nina Lee
    Lead CG Artist – Ray John Fernandez

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