Honda Gets Emotional in Mother’s Day Spot

    Black and white and heartwarming is this year's Mother's Day trend.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - May 11, 2021
    Honda Gets Emotional in Mother’s Day Spot

    Honda is the latest big-name global brand to take the black and white, heartwarming route in its mother’s day spot.

    In collaboration with Taproot Dentsu, the Japanese automaker has rolled out a new spot (eerily similar to yesterday’s McDonald’s campaign) featuring a series of still images highlighting the good in people that has been evident since the pandemic has taken hold.

    ‘We are all Mothers’ is a tear-inducing look back through the past year. We may not all be mothers, but we’ve cared for one another the way moms do.

    It’s a campaign that’s sure to earn the car company plenty of goodwill in the days ahead.

    “A mother is known for her unconditional love. While we can never measure up to the role of a mother, the challenging times are bringing out a softer motherly side in all of us. This campaign celebrates that side,” said Titus Upputuru, Creative Head, Taproot Dentsu, Gurugram


    Brand: Honda Cars India
    Agency: Taproot Dentsu, Gurugram
    Office Head: Abhinav Kaushik
    Creative Head: Titus Upputuru
    Account Management: Smriti Tewari

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