Honda Launches ‘Forget the Toys’ Campaign for the Honda City in India

Image: Honda

Honda has launched a new campaign in India for its Honda City line called “Forget the Toys”. Created by Dentsu One, the ad calls on consumers to avoid “being swayed by superficial pomp.”

The campaign, says the brand is to appeal to “the desires and ambitions of the younger, progressive, more assertive Indian. They do not follow mere style and glamour but want to assert their leadership”.

The campaign spot starts with a man, looking down at the world below from his office on high.


We hear him thinking to himself, “From here, they all seem like toys… they watch you, they copy you and pretend to be you… but you know, deep down they all know, they can never be you”.

“I was standing in my office by the window when this idea struck me,” Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu One. “When you look at the world below, you see that everything is so tiny. The ad then sort of wrote by itself. It’s a bold stance and we thought it’s time the brand had a clear perspective on the world around. Only Honda City could say ‘Forget the Toys”



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