Heineken Says You Can Now Feel Comfortable to ‘Cheers’ With No Alcohol Beers

Heineken has launched a new global campaign with Publicis Italy/Le Pub titled “Cheers with No Alcohol. Now You Can” to pitch its line of non-alcohol beer by focusing on the exclusion that some people experience when choosing not to drink alcohol on social occasions.

The one-minute spot, musically driven by a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”,  features fictitious drinking situations across history, from the Viking era to New York’s Roaring ’20s, right up to the modern-day, showing how a person not drinking alcohol is sometimes excluded from the all-important ‘cheers’ moment – that is right up until Heineken changes all that by giving you some suds sans alcohol to stave off the stigma.


This new campaign builds on the brand’s previous, global campaign, ‘Now You Can’, which introduced Heineken 0.0 as the perfect drink for moments that were traditionally ‘non-beer’ occasions, such as after sports, while parked in a car or at a work lunch.

“With so many of us looking for alternatives to alcohol when at social and evening occasions – especially during periods like Dry January, as is common in many regions – the non-alcoholic beer segment has exploded over the last five years,” said Bram Westenbrink, global Heineken brand director, Heineken.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to make sure Heineken 0.0 has been at the forefront of that trend. Having launched Heineken 0.0 in 2017, November 2021 saw us reach a key milestone of distribution across 100 markets, and now we’re keen to help bring even more of our customers along on the journey. After all, it’s about making sure everyone feels included during social drinking moments, even if they are choosing not to drink alcohol.”


Sr. Director Global Heineken Brand: Bram Westenbrink
Heineken Communication Director: Daniela Iebba
Heineken Global Communications Manager: Guilherme De Marchi Retz
Heineken Digital Director: Rob Van Griensven
Heineken Global Digital Production Manager: Bram Reukers


Publicis Italy/Le Pub
Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis Ww: Bruno Bertelli
Chief Creative Officer: Cristiana Boccassini
Chief Creative Officer: Mihnea Gheorghiu
Global Executive Creative Director: Milos Obradovic
Global Creative Director: Sandra Bold
Art Director Supervisor: Marie Poumeyrol
Art Director: Alex Eftimie
Art Director: Victor Lopez
Senior Copywriter: Rux Drilea
Global Strategy Director: Natasha Wallace
Global Strategy Director: James Moore
Global Data Strategist: Ilko Petkov
Head Of TV: Francesca Zazzera
Head TV Production Heineken Global: Mariella Maiorano
Digital Producer: Martina Trozzi
TV Producer: Beatrice Pepe
Le Pub Ams Gm/ Global Client Service Director: Eleni Charakleia
Global Client Service Director: Paola Natellis
Group Account Director: Elianne Vermeulen
Account Director: Codruta Arbore
Account Executive: Tinatin Prangishvili
Digital Project Manager: Thiago Tardioli

Production Company: Hobby Film
Director: Rodrigo Saavedra
Dop: Pierre De Kerchove
Executive Producer: John Gerard
Producer 24/7: Mariana Mota

Digital Assets
Production Company: Hobby Film
Director: Veronica Von Hünefeld
Executive Producer: John Gerard
Producer 24/7: Mariana Mota

Production Company: Hobby Film
Director: Rodrigo Saavedra
Executive Producer: John Gerard
Producer 24/7: Mariana Mota

Post Production
Postproduction Company: Mpc London
Executive Producer: Dafydd Upsdell
Offline Editor (Director’s Cut): Rich Orrick Work Editorial London
Off Line Editor: Enrico Munarini
Color Grading: Matthiew Toullet
Associate Creative Director: Gerard Joosten
Executive Creative Director: Rico De Lange
Creative Director: Tanya Ponomareva
Account Director: Charlotte Grotenhuis
Project Manager: Willemijn De Groot
Project Manager: Lea Degove
Digital Producer: Vic Krens
Designer: Jana Van Der Merwe
Editor: Gerard Milling
Editor: Rocco Tozzi
Post Producer: Christel Heijmans
Supervisor Post Producer: Paulo Pennings

Post Production – Digital Assets
Post Production Company Digital Assets: Tag London
Executive Producer: Joe Billington

Sound Studio
Sound Studio: Grand Central Recording Studio London
Head Sound Engineer: Raj Sehgal

Music Production
Music Production Company: Sizzer Music Amsterdam
Music Supervisor: Michael Bertoldini
Music Producer: Michael Bertoldini
Music Licensing
Music Licensing: Massive Music Amsterdam
Original Song: Superstition

Key Visuals
Art Buyer (Prodigious): Giada Cioffi
Photographer: Row Lawson
Production Company: Sfera Production Agency Milano
Executive Producer: Miky Vilardo


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