Heineken Pokes Fun at Gender Drinking Stereotypes

    By The Staff - Oct 26, 2020
    Heineken Pokes Fun at Gender Drinking Stereotypes

    Heineken has launched a new campaign in Australia, ‘Cheers to All’, which takes a light-hearted view on gender stereotypes associated with ordering certain drinks. You know the old bias that women order cocktails and men order a beer.

    In the new campaign Heineken turns that on its head with a 30-second spot which shows women receiving the wrong drink in a bar – a cocktail – which was actually meant for a man sitting nearby. The woman, of course, has ordered a Heineken. The bartender wrongly assumes who each belongs to and as the drinkers look around puzzled, they swap drinks so they can enjoy their real drink of choice.

    According to the brand, “Through this campaign, Heineken encourages viewers to look at life with a fresh perspective.

    “The idea that individuals fit a certain ‘drink stereotype’ is very outdated and that is why we want to reinforce the notion that drinks have no gender and beer really is for everyone,” said Willemijn Sneep, Heineken Country Manager Australia. “Our ambition with ‘Cheers to All’ is to celebrate inclusivity for all great drinking moments, showing how a simple ‘cheers’ moment can bring people together”.

    The campaign will be rolled out across TV, online video, and social media in the coming months along with locally created out-of-home. Further local marketing activity will be announced in the coming months.

    According to a study  by Fiftyfive5 Brand Tracker, cited by Heineken, “already has a higher proportion of female drinkers than the category average and continues to see an increase in females drinking their products.”


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