Heineken Launches Robotic Bar in Australia for Zero-Contact Drinking Experience

    By The Staff - Jul 15, 2020
    Heineken Launches Robotic Bar in Australia for Zero-Contact Drinking Experience

    As part of a promotion for its alcohol-free offering, Heinekin has launched a campaign in Australia amid the country’s social distancing pandemic guidelines

    Part of its ‘Now You Can’ campaign, Heineken is unveiling a first-of-its-kind ‘zero contact bar’ for Heineken 0.0, in response to COVID-19 guidelines that continue to shape the way drinkers can enjoy their beer. This involves using a contactless robotic arm, which has been developed by a team of robotics students and engineers from the University of Sydney.


    The creative and production has been spearheaded by Momentum Worldwide, Sydney while Red Havas has led the PR and communications activity.

    To ensure bar patrons get the most out of the experience, the Heineken Zer0.0 Contact Bar will permit one person at a time, bringing a new definition to ‘private bar’.

    “The past few months have been challenging and as we continue to adjust to physical distancing, we thought about how we could help more people try an alcohol-free beer during July, in a safe and responsible way,” said Malcolm Eadie, Brand Director of Premium and Craft Beer at Lion.


    “Thanks to our partners at Momentum Worldwide and Red Havas, the launch of the Heineken Zer0.0 Contact Bar, provides a great platform to champion the brand’s innovative pedigree and long-standing commitment to first-class hospitality. It’s a unique destination for trying a great-tasting alcohol-free beer in the current environment and we look forward to welcoming people along to our ‘alcohol-free, contact-free’ bar to enjoy a brand new drinking experience.”

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