Heather Kernahan Named Global Chief Executive Officer of Hotwire

    Barbara Bates will step down from her role as Hotwire CEO.

    By The Staff - Jun 9, 2021
    Heather Kernahan Named Global Chief Executive Officer of Hotwire

    Brent Scrimshaw, Heather Kernahan, and Barbara Bates

    Enero Group has appointed Heather Kernahan as Global Chief Executive Officer of Hotwire, the Group’s global technology communications consultancy. The appointment is effective as of July 1st.

    Hotwire had been led by Barbara Bates who will transition into a newly created senior advisory role at Enero where she will help facilitate the group’s M&A activities in North America. She will continue to report to Brent Scrimshaw, Enero Group CEO

    “There is no more exciting industry to be in than technology and I’m thrilled to lead the Hotwire team as we continue to grow. We have ambitious plans to bring more value to our fast growth and global tech clients, who are looking for an alternative to the big multinational agencies,” said Kernahan.

    “Barbara has led a culture, team, and business that is sought after by the largest tech companies in the world and I’m honored to now lead this organization. With 20 years behind us, we feel that we’re just getting started.”

    Kernahan will report to Scrimshaw as well.

    “I’ve had the privilege to work with so many amazing people during my time at Hotwire, and I’m exceptionally proud of what we’ve managed to create together,” said Bates.

    “Hotwire is already one of the world’s most highly-regarded tech communications businesses and with Heather’s leadership, it has never been better positioned to grow further. I’m excited to stay connected to the Enero Group and I look forward to continue building on the Group’s strong momentum and ambition.”

    Kernahan joined Hotwire from Eastwick Communications, as president of Hotwire North America and Australia, after its acquisition in 2016 by Enero Group. In 2019, she was named Hotwire CEO of North America.

    “Heather has demonstrated incredible leadership in tackling the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly-growing business in Hotwire USA. Heather has the skills, experience, and appetite for growth and her appointment demonstrates the deep bench strength of the Hotwire leadership team. I am confident she will continue to drive the business’ momentum and push Hotwire to even greater heights,” said Scrimshaw.


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