HeartKids Reminds Australians How Fast Life Can Change

    The moving campaign aims to raise awareness for Congenital Heart Disease.

    By The Staff - Jan 13, 2021
    HeartKids Reminds Australians How Fast Life Can Change

    A new campaign launched by HeartKids in Australia serves as a poignant reminder of how fast things can change for those affected by Congenital Heart Disease. The pro-bono campaign, created by DDB Syndey, kicked off with a 30-second spot to raise awareness of the disease.

    The ad which is backed by the ominous sound of a beating heart pivots back and forth from highs to lows. When you find out you’re going to be a parent, you’re filled with hopes and dreams for your child. When you find out they have a heart condition, you’re left with just one: that they’ll make it. This is the reality for the parents of the eight Aussie babies born with CHD every day.

    With CHD affecting 1 in 100 babies (one born every three hours), the multi-channel campaign captures the emotional and physical impact a diagnosis can have on Australian families.


    “When we look at children’s charity advertising there are accepted codes that appear time and again. To stand out in the category, we wanted to find a place that makes people uncomfortable enough to pay attention, but not uncomfortable enough to look away. We hope that the campaign will inspire empathy and support for the families affected by CHD,” said Tara Ford, CCO, DDB Sydney.

    The campaign was coordinated by the industry’s social purpose organization UnLtd with media strategy and planning by Initiative. It’s supported by an outdoor and digital campaign that focuses on the significance of a single heartbeat.

    “When we embarked on this project earlier in the year, we were impressed with DDB’s dedication to the CHD community. Many people aren’t aware that CHD impacts eight babies a day and is the leading cause of disease-related disability, it also has no known cure. Bringing awareness to this disease is critical for the families who need to be supported,” added Dianna Crisp, digital strategy and marketing manager, HeartKids.



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