Head Start Homes Film Follows Charlene From Homeless to Homeowner

    By The Staff - Oct 13, 2020
    Head Start Homes Film Follows Charlene From Homeless to Homeowner

    Electriclimefilms has partnered with Head Start Homes to tell the story of Charlene’s journey from homelessness being a homeowner.

    Head Start Homes was founded by Stephen Woodlands and is supported by a cross-sector collaboration of Australian partnerships including Founding Partner Westpac and Pilot Project Partners St.George Bank. The collaboration works to help single moms, First Nations people, and community housing families make homeownership a reality.

    The film opens with Charlene telling her story against the background of Port Macquarie. The stunning visuals are juxtaposed with the intimate spaces of her soon to be home.


    Client: Head Start Homes
    Founder and Managing Director: Stephen Woodlands
    Founding Partner: Westpac
    Pilot Project Partners: St.George Bank
    Director: André Rodrigues
    DOP: Tom Black
    2nd Unit DOP: Ewan Donnachie
    AD: Rebecca Wilson
    Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
    Drone Pilot: Kristian Brassington
    Drone Ground Support: Duncan Gow
    BTS: Michael Cobley
    Edit/Color Grading: André Rodrigues

    Equipment kindly provided by Panavision
    Kit: Panavision C Series + Alexa Mini + Red Epic Dragon + Inspire 2

    Filmed in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia


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