Head Massage from a Gorilla – a Benchmark for Hair Care

We can see the creative team at  Publicis Ambience sitting around brainstorming how to show consumers in India the virtues of using Park Avenue Beer Shampoo to give you stronger hair.

“Gorilla Massage!” someone no doubt blurted out, perhaps half jokingly to kill the tension. And the idea stuck.

“The challenge for the agency was to translate this new property of strength into an aspiration,” Publicis Ambience said in a release. “The new product while having the traditional bravado of beer, focuses on the strengthening benefit of barley and hops.”


“In hair care Park Avenue made quite a stir with Beer Shampoo in 2014,” said Raja Chakraborty, Head-Marketing at J. K. Helene Curtis.

“Now the product is even more improved on all hair care characteristics especially in its ability to prevent hair damage. In our internal studies as well as consumer tests the product surpassed other products on various parameters.”


‘When you feel strong, you are open to adventure!’ Or, when your hair feels this strong, you are even open to a Gorilla Massage,” said Bobby Pawar, Managing Director, Publicis Communications, South Asia said,

Carry on.