He Jiong Bites Gold Medal For Crest China in Publicis Olympic Campaign

Since that iconic bite of a gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles kicked off the trend, athletes on the podium have been chomping down on their medals, with the 2016 Rio Olympics being no exception.

With that in mind Publicis has created the CLENCH YOUR WAY TO VICTORY WITH CREST campaign, featuring a poster of He Jiong biting a gold medal.

The campaign created an upsurge of mentions on social media with netizens uploading selfies of their biting moments, showing off their strong teeth and cheering for their favorite Olympians..


“Clenching your way to victory not only reflects on your steady and courageous attitude, but on the everyday reality of solid effort, an intersection which perfectly coincides with the brand spirit of Crest,” said Jacky Ouyang, the President of P&G Greater China Oral Care. “I must thank Publicis for such wonderful creative work and for bringing this Crest moment to the public.’

Kenny Choo, the Creative Leader for Oral Care, Publicis Communications, said: ‘Kudos to our client for being so supportive from the start. Coming up with an idea that marries an Olympic moment with the efficacy of strong teeth was great but it was even more gratifying to see this idea gaining traction and turning into a ‘movement'”

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