Viral Video ‘Hawk drops Snake on BBQ’ Revealed as Marketing Stunt

Australian production house The Woolshed Company, has come forward as the creators of yet another viral sensation, this time produced in collaboration with Hawthorn Australian Rules Football Club.

The video dubbed, ‘hawk drop snake of family bbq. lol’, has been revealed as a marketing stunt to help Hawthorn launch their 2016 finals campaign ‘Embrace The Hunt’.

With 5 million views, 90 thousand shares and 115 thousand likes, the video of a hawk snatching up a wild snake and dropping it on an unsuspecting family bbq in Melbourne, Australia, has captured the world’s imagination in two short days.


Following a global media debate over the video’s authenticity, Hawthorn and The Woolshed today came forward and claimed the video that’s entertained the world.

The announcement follows The Woolshed’s ‘Viral Experiment’ in July, where the young production house revealed it had created 8 of the world’s most viral videos over the previous two years. Those videos scored around 215 million views globally.

The Woolshed’s Co-Founder and MD Dave Christison says Hawthorn approached The Woolshed after learning of The Viral Experiment, briefing them to create an innovative marketing stunt for the legendary club as it heads into 2016 finals season.


“It was exciting and humbling working with Hawthorn, they rolled the dice on something brave and unconventional, and it’s paid off. The project turnaround was extremely tight, taking only two weeks. Hawthorn were incredibly trusting and collaborative, giving us full creative freedom but also being hands on to help during production.”

“It was also a great opportunity for us to deploy the insights we’d gathered during our two-year Viral Experiment. We learned a lot about creating short-form, snackable narratives in that time, and having the chance to prove how powerful these can be for a brand has been hugely rewarding.”

The club published a video about the marketing stunt.

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