Havas Media Group Singapore to Lead Pizza Hut and KFC Media Account

    By The Staff - Dec 14, 2020
    Havas Media Group Singapore to Lead Pizza Hut and KFC Media Account

    Pizza Hut and KFC, both of Yum Brands, announced the appointment of a bespoke unit under Havas Media Group Singapore to lead its media account starting in January. The team will be responsible for data analytics, media strategy, and planning for Pizza Hut and KFC Singapore across offline and online platforms. The appointment follows a competitive closed-door pitch.

    “Pizza Hut is a much-loved brand in Singapore and we are committed to growing brand love by continuously listening to our customers,” said Jayss Rajoo, Head of Marketing and Food Innovation at Pizza Hut Singapore.

    “The appointment of Havas will not only help us in that direction but also facilitate us to undertake an aggressive growth strategy to further strengthen the brand. The passion of the team was clearly visible through their ideas and the thinking behind them and we are delighted to welcome them as our agency partners in media.”

    The partnership aims to accelerate a digitized way of thinking and approach to problem-solving leveraging data and analytics. The unit under Havas Media Group will pull together talent from across the group with the goal of driving business growth through media experiences and increasing brand saliency that resonates with Singaporean consumers.

    “As the leading fried chicken brand in Singapore, we believe KFC has a special place in the hearts of its consumers here,” said Juliana Lim, Senior Director, KFC Marketing and Food Innovation.

    “We are committed to continue building a strong connection with our guests that matters. On top of its creativity, Havas has demonstrated a strong data-driven approach to brand building rooted in consumer insights, which we believe will be invaluable for KFC, going forward. We are looking forward to working with this energetic team and embark on an exciting journey together. As we part ways, I would like to thank our incumbent, Mindshare Singapore for the past 20 years of good partnership and support.’’

    Pizza Hut and KFC are the latest in a series of wins for Havas Singapore as well as winning Gold as Media Agency of the Year across multiple award platforms.

    “Our partnership with Pizza Hut and KFC is the start of a meaningful journey to cement their brand vision and reaffirm our brand promise to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses, and people,” said Jacqui Lim, Group CEO, Havas Singapore.

    “We are extremely excited to partner with such iconic brands to lead their growth agenda in Singapore by leveraging our Mx (Media Experience) operating system, integrated abilities complemented by our unique entertainment lineage through Vivendi, and dynamic team of specialists.



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