Havas APAC Launches New Talent Training Programs

Havas APAC has recently launched two talent training programs in order to attract and retain talents with diverse abilities and meet the growing business needs.

Researches and studies show that workers are dealing with the pandemic’s impact by re-examining their priorities and balancing extended work from home demands, even reshaping their careers. A high turnover rate is prevalent among many agencies.

41% of the global workforce is likely to consider leaving their current position within the next year. This number is even higher for Gen Z—at 54%. Simultaneously, 46% are planning to make a major pivot or career transition. In another survey, 36% of respondents who had quit their jobs in the past six months did so without having a new job in hand.


The recently adopted Havas Emerge Program is a learning and development program designed to accelerate the early careers of new and developing managers. It has been extended to APAC this October, with the aim of increasing representation in management roles across Havas agencies, and preparing emerging team leaders for management roles through skill adoption, leadership exposure, and community building.

The 9-month training period is geared toward young talents selected from various agencies across all APAC market.

The network is also running the Havas Femme Forward Program, a 7-week intensive program, including skills-based training, leadership assessments, group coaching, networking, and thought leadership. The program was initially launched in 2018 across the UK, LATAM, France, APAC, and the US.

In 2019, 24 senior female leaders with strong management performance and outstanding leadership from 12 countries within the region and various disciplines were selected for one week of workshops and training modules in Singapore, followed by remote testing, learning, and group coaching for four months.


“We are thrilled to kick off the Havas Emerge Program for the star youngsters and have the Femme Forward available to the eminent Havas female leaders online. These global talent programs will be continuously launched across Havas APAC and we will also develop more for our talents locally,” said Kevin Zhang, Chief Human Resources Officer, APAC.

“By engaging more capable youngsters, we will be able to encourage and empower more talents to contribute to the industry booming; their sense of belongings, proud and wellbeing at the workplace will also increase.”


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