Havaianas Launches ‘Lets Summer!’ Campaign in China via MediaMonks

S4Capital’s MediaMonks has partnered with Havaianas to launch the “Let’s summer!” “来吧夏天!” campaign in China with a Tmall push to revamp the storefront in preparation for the 2020 summer season.

Havainas’ goal for Tmall was to improve the overall user experience and look & feel of the store, said MediaMonks of the project. This included localizing the global campaign creative and messaging to ensure relevance with Chinese consumers. It was important to ensure customers who arrived on the Tmall page would immediately feel and understand the Havaianas brand. Given brand awareness challenges, it was critical to establish this right away.

“The challenge was to establish a flip flop culture in China, first and foremost by making people fall in love with the Havaianas brand and what it stood for – colorful, fun and lively Brazilian summer spirit which is core to their brand DNA,” said Brandon Tucs, Creative Director, MediaMonks Shanghai. “The objective was to own the ‘summer lifestyle’ and connect Chinese audiences with it on a deeper level.”


“The business strategy was to look at the full customer decision journey, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary optimizations to ensure we were reaching the right consumers with relevant messaging and creative, to ultimately create a seamless user experience from start to finish,” said Danielle Panissa, Havaianas Brand Director APAC & China.

“Staying true to MediaMonks smart production technique, we took Havaianas global campaign and used a combination of transcreation and localization, creating locally relevant copy, script, and voice, to deliver the right message in Mandarin to the market, also replacing and adapting content to appeal to the right target audience,” said Kelly Belchere, Senior Producer, MediaMonks Shanghai. “This proved to be very effective!”



Kelly Belchere – Senior Producer MM Shanghai
Brandon Tucs – Creative Director MM Shanghai
Shirley Wang – Designer MM Shanghai
Martha Ma – Designer MM Shanghai
Ramzi Chaabane – Business and Strategy Lead, MM Shanghai
Sanne Drogrop – VP Business & Operations MediaMonks APAC

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