Happiness Saigon Rolls Out Free Consultancy for Small Businesses

    The offering was launched with a creative gorilla marketing campaign throughout the city.

    By The Staff - Mar 31, 2021
    Happiness Saigon Rolls Out Free Consultancy for Small Businesses

    Happiness Saigon has announced the launch of the Happiness Small Business Initiative, a free consultancy service geared toward small businesses in Vietnam.

    While Vietnam has fared far better than much of the world during the pandemic, countless businesses in the nation continue to struggle. The offering is a free consultancy service for these business owners that puts them directly in touch with one of the members of the leadership team.

    “We love Vietnam, and this program is a way for us to give back to the community that we’ve been lucky enough to call home for the past 6 years since our founding. Using the one thing we’re best at, creative and out of the box thinking, we know we can really help the local business community and do some good,” said Alan Cerutti, CEO, Happiness Saigon.

    The agency rolled out the initiative in local fashion, placing street stickers on utility poles in alleyways and along sidewalks throughout the city.

    “It’s very potential yet challenging for small and new businesses in such a dynamic market like Vietnam. We want to give a useful hand to people who want and dare to think and do differently,” said Son Nguyen, Business & Operations, Happiness Saigon.

    Over the phone the small businesses can have a short conversation with one of the team leads at Happiness Saigon. After getting a general understanding of the needs the business has, an in-office meeting can be arranged with a team of people from the creative consultancy handpicked to meet the challenge.

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