Halberg Foundation Launches Refreshed Brand Identity Via Special Design

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Since its founding in 1963, the Halberg Foundation has been a vital not-for-profit organization within New Zealand’s sporting network. The foundation recently partnered with Special Design, and will be undergoing a vibrant refresh across the brand’s front-facing and strategic components.

Halberg ensures that all young people, regardless of ability, have equal opportunity to enhance their lives through sport and recreation. From providing equipment, helping young people find new sports, hosting national competitions, training educators nationwide, and fundraising – ‘Halberg’s’ work tirelessly to ensure no young disabled Kiwis are left on the sidelines of sport.

Tasked with developing a new brand strategy and identity, Special needed to create something that appealed to critical stakeholders, the education and sporting system, but most importantly, the youth Halberg strives to uplift.


In-depth conversations with community members, sports inclusion trainers and young disabled Kiwi across Aotearoa, confirmed that getting active is formative for young people learning about themselves and their place in this world.

Image via Special PR

With this strategic lens applied to the design challenge, Special created a new logo, line lock up, typography, and vibrant colour palette. The new branding showcases fresh animation, motion, illustration and iconography.

The new brand design played into cues from sporting clubs, spaces that traditionally felt exclusive to many – ability aside. By taking club culture cues, like badges and merchandise, and refreshing them to be more inclusive, Halberg visually represents how they are changing exclusive sporting spaces into places young disabled people can comfortably belong.


The brand toolkit is designed to flex across the varied needs of the organisation – whether it’s on clothing worn by young people, training booklets for teachers, signage at the Halberg Games, or on stage at the famous Halberg Awards. The ambition for the identity is that Halberg becomes a well-loved brand that invites young people with disabilities, their families, friends and others throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, to experience the joy of being active within an undeniably fun and wholly inclusive environment.

Image via Special PR

Halberg CE, Tom Smith, says: “It was time for a fresh new chapter, and we couldn’t have done it without Specials dedication to the brand. It doesn’t matter who we go through or how we deliver our mahi; it always goes back to the young people. They are our core audience, even if we reach them through parents or teachers. Special understood our message and cut no corners when generating world-class work for us.”

Special’s Design Lead, Clem Devine, says: “I’m so proud to have led the design team in developing an identity that symbolises inclusivity for disabled youth — a cause close to my heart since my days as a Halberg kid in the 1980s. Our team wanted to create a broad-appeal brand that could be seen alongside lifestyle brands we all know and love.

To me, Halberg is about making inclusivity desirable and a matter of pride; it’s a brand for disabled kids and anyone who values a world where differences are accepted and celebrated.”

Image via Special PR


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