GXS Bank Looks to Challenge Conventions With its Brand Launch in Singapore

“Instead of the direction where everyone is going, we took a hard left.”


GXS Bank




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GXS Bank (GXS) has launched the “Challenging Conventions” campaign as part of the brand launch in Singapore. As a challenger digital bank, GXS said that its inaugural brand campaign looks to challenge banking conventions that do not serve them.

“When we thought about what we wanted to say to our customers, they all boiled down to four words. ‘You win, we win’. That is the essence of who GXS is – a bank that rejects the conventional ways of banking because banking can be so much better for our customers,” said Lian Ju Han, Chief Marketing Officer, GXS.

“Similarly, when it came to our brand campaign, challenging conventions was not just the theme but also our guiding principle. Instead of the direction where everyone is going, we took a hard left. The greatest compliment for us would be having consumers tell us that our campaign does not remind them of a bank advertisement.”


The campaign includes a 30-second spot that opens with a family of four walking along on a sunny day before the voiceover asks “Why do families have to look like that?” Check it out:

Challenging conventions as the theme

According to the company, for its brand launch, GXS wanted to spark conversations on different conventions within the community and whether they still ring true today, such as the idea of what makes a family or the way success is defined.

GXS collaborated with three local artists – Kenn Lam, Kristal Melson and Angela Chong – to create the key visuals for the campaign.


From left to right, artwork by Kristal Melson, Angela Chong, and Kenn Lam

The artists were provided with statements that reflected contemporary conventions and how these could be different and made better. These statements served as inspiration for the artists to come up with their own unique interpretations and in their own distinctive and vibrant styles.

GXS has also commissioned an 18 meter by 6 meter wall mural at Bali Lane, in its reinterpretation of a print advertisement. The wall mural will be painted by artists ANTZ and ZERO, who specialize in street art. Currently in progress, it will be completed at the end of this month.

In addition to the GXS wall mural, the brand campaign is blasted across digital and out-of-home channels, and can be seen online, in high foot-traffic areas around Singapore as well as across an extensive network of bus shelters.

GXS’ nationwide brand campaign will run for three months. The Bank worked with Distilleri on creatives, OMD on media planning and buying, and Team Lewis on corporate communications for the campaign.

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