Gusto Luxe Named Creative Partner by Tata Harper in China

    The agency will support the beauty brand by strengthening its presence in China.

    By Harold Henry - Jun 7, 2021
    Gusto Luxe Named Creative Partner by Tata Harper in China

    Luxury marketing agency, Gusto Luxe, has been appointed by Tata Harper to develop its market entry strategy for China, and support the beauty brand with positioning, digital, and marketing.

    The agency has been supporting many niche beauty brands to develop creative, digital-led communication strategy and positioning. With Tata Harper, they will work to execute a social media strategy, supported by influencer activations and offline events.

    “Chemistry, not just in beauty, is very important to me,” said Tata Harper, Founder, Tata Harper.

    “With Gusto Luxe we have found a like-minded partner who appreciates and understands our values and what we stand for. We’re excited to transform our vision into reality in China leveraging unique social media ecosystems and building a community of Tata Harper lovers.”

    Tata Harper is currently available in China through the e-commerce platform, Tmall and is also running a pop-up at Beijing’s SKP Select Mall.

    “We’re delighted to work with Tata and the team,” said Chloé Reuter, Founding Partner, Gusto Luxe.

    “We have been closely monitoring the rise of niche beauty in China for several years now and believe there is great market potential, especially for brands like Tata Harper, which embody sustainability, wellness and focus on natural, toxin-free ingredients.”


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