Grey Group Creates Clever ‘Waiting Sucks’ Ad for Samsung Poland

Samsung has tapped creative agency Grey Group in Poland to put together an ad for the region featuring Samsung’s new quick charging phone feature.

In the ad, two different groups of strangers in a public place are prompted to perform two meaningless tasks; one is to “Point to the pigeon” and the other is to “Pet your gnome”.

Members of both groups proceed to do so –for over 20 minutes, and then…well, see for yourself.


Ad Credits

Creative Agency: Grey Group, Warsaw, Poland
Executive Creative Director: Jakub Korolczuk
Deputy Creative Director: Rafał Ryś
Senior Copywriters: Jacek Wójcik, Jan Cieślar
Senior Art Director: Szymon Demirkol
Production Company: Film Produkcja
Event Company: 1Element
Account Director: Marta Sawicka
Account Supervisor: Małgorzata Łoza
Published: August 2015

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