Samsung Galaxy now a Sticky Bomb Weapon in Grand Theft Auto

Defeat your enemies with the Samsung Galaxy Sticky Bomb

For fans of the popular Grand Theft Auto game, you’ve now been given a new weapon in your arsenal –the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But it’s not for calling your friends for help on the mean streets, it’s a bomb.

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The exploding Galaxy Note 7 mod, which was created for GTA 5, can be used as a sticky bomb in the game. Attach the Galaxy to your target, step back, and use the Galaxy in your hand to detonate it.


The Note 7 bomb replaces the currently available sticky bomb with a 3D model of the Galaxy Note 7.

Users can download the mod at the 5Mods website. Creator, HitmanNiko, has made it possible to change the phone’s color or even the wallpaper.


Perhaps this is technology Samsung should consider pursuing?

Likely the company is not finding all of this attention funny at all. But it does offer some interesting branding opportunities if they take the tact of a self-deprecating brand campaign. Roll out some famous comedic actors and let them make the pitch. It just might work.

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