Google Offers a Preview of New Advertising Features

Image: Paweł Czerwiński via Unsplash

Leading up to the Google Marketing Live event on May 24th Google has shared a preview of new advertising features it will be announcing. The Google Ads team has been working on the features intended to allow brands to enhance their marketing efforts. Here are a few examples of what the teams across Google are working on.

Improvements To Responsive Display Ads

Google’s responsive display ads, which adapt advertising creative to fit different sizes of ad units, are getting upgraded says Jerry Dischler, VP and General Manager of Ads at Google.

“We’ve also made improvements to responsive display ads. Our all-new, mobile-first layouts can accommodate any portrait image or video asset, and our automatically generated videos can help you access full-screen mobile ad inventory.”


Machine Learning

The process of generating ads to fit different formats and device types will work with greater speed thanks to machine learning, says Dischler.

“By using machine learning to speed up the design and iteration process, you can deliver engaging display ads faster than ever. Simply put, upload a few images, videos, and headlines, and we’ll automatically create and test visually striking ad combinations that fit millions of possible ad placements and, most importantly, deliver results.”


Image Uncropping

Google Ads will also employ machine learning to uncrop images in product ads. This will expand images to fill available space.

An example of product ads with and without image uncropping is shown below:

According to Google,  advertisers will see an average of twice the conversions when adding a responsive display ad to an ad group with a static display ad.

Creative Inspiration Hub

Available now, Google has developed a home on the web to seek inspiration for advertising creative.

Google has brought together some of the most successful creative assets from across Google Ads and showcased them in a new creative inspiration hub.

There you’ll see real-life examples of ads that worked for businesses across Discovery, Display, Apps, and YouTube campaigns.

Google hopes this will help you find ways to take your campaigns even further.

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