Google Makes More Advertising Revenue than Any Country Outside the U.S. Spends

Image: Pixabay

You think Google is making a ton of money? You’re right. Monday’s Q2 earnings report showed revenue was up 21 percent to $26.01 billion, putting the company on track to have yet another record-breaking year.

To better put how much money that is in perspective, check out this chart from Statista. It shows that Google’s total ad revenue last year amounted to $79.4 billion —that surpasses the total advertising expenditure in all countries except for the United States.


Perhaps even more amazing in terms of perspective numbers: In 2016, Google dominated with 44 percent of all global online ad revenues which gives it a 15 percent share of the worldwide total across all mediums.

It’s just getting bigger says Statista: “Google’s advertising business is safely on track to surpass $90 billion this year, making it the largest ad-selling company in the world by far.”


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