Tea-lightful: Fish Teabags from Taiwan

[su_heading size=”22″]What’s that in your cup? A fish teabag you say? Well…yes! Check out this interesting concept from Charm Villa Studio in Taiwan. And no, it’s not fish flavored.[/su_heading]

Designed by Taiwan-based studio Charm Villa, the fish tea bag is put together both by hand and by machine in a 16 step process. While this might t seem a bit overdone, people can’t get enough of the creativity of the fish tea bag and it’s much more fun and playful than latte art.

Adding to the novelty is that when you give the fish tea bag a tug, it gives the impression that the little critter is swimming in your cup. It might seem just a little creepy too, but mainly it’s quite cute.


From Red Dot:

The Goldfish Tea Bag The relationship between tea leaves and water is as natural as a goldfish swimming in water. A tea bag is cut into the shape of an elegant goldfish – the Goldfish Tea Bag. Goldfish Tea Bags are made via a 16-step process. Nine of these steps require handcrafted skills in order to display the ultimate craftsmanship of the Goldfish Tea Bag. The purpose of such a complicated process is to express the artistry of the Goldfish Tea Bag. When the tea bag is brewed in hot water and begins to swell, the shape of a goldfish begins to form. The mouth of the tea bag is designed with a special cotton thread, Pulling the thread enables the tea bag to move in water. Creating a natural rhythm of moment from the fluctuations of the water. A life-like goldfish appears to be swimming in your tea cup. The concept of the Goldfish Tea Bag echoes its manufacturer’s cultural appeal – Creating charming products, enjoying a charm filled life. When the beauty of tea culture is delivered through the elegant shape of a goldfish, Tea drinkers can not only enjoy the taste, but also enjoy the fun and beauty of brewing tea with this tea bag.

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For more from Charm Villa visit them on the web www.charmvilla.com or you can order a set from creativetea.com




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