Golden Bakery Goes on One Wild, Mouthwatering Ride

    It's one colorful good time.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jun 8, 2021
    Golden Bakery Goes on One Wild, Mouthwatering Ride

    Golden Bakery and BMF have unveiled a new brand platform, ‘Never a Boring Ride,’ and launched a new tv campaign to hammer home the proposition.

    One part Alice in Wonderland one part Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s a feast for the senses bound to make the grumpiest of old men long for syrup coated desserts. If only Wonka-Vision existed, we could all truly enjoy it.

    Living up to the new brand platform, the spot takes us twisting on a whirlwind ride through a kaleidoscopic smorgasbord of treats. It’s certainly not boring.


    “We needed to focus all the evocative associations ‘Golden’ might unlock. It’s fun, playful, joyous, yummy, imperfect, messy, creative,” said Doug Hamilton, creative director at BMF.

    “The platform captures the array of ways you can transform a Golden product, a metaphorical playground for your eyes and mouth.”


    “BMF has created a Long Idea that shines a light on what Golden can add to your life,” added Jodie Dabelic, head of marketing – bakery snacks at George Western Foods.

    “It wonderfully sums up the brand; the essence, the values, the personality and the full range of Golden products in a simple and memorable way.”

    The campaign launches in Australia across TV, digital and social.

    “For 50+ years Golden products have been the fun, round ones in a bakery aisle of sensible squares. Every single one of them is a little joy bomb – for your mouth, eyes, and soul. And this shows it is more than just crumpet joy,” said Christina Aventi, chief strategy officer at BMF.


    Creative Agency: BMF
    Chief Creative Officer: Alex Derwin
    Creative Director: Douglas Hamilton
    Associate Creative Director: Casey Schweikert
    Designer: Gabriel Mangulabnan
    Chief Strategy Officer: Christina Aventi
    Strategic Planner: Emily Field
    Chief Executive Officer: Stephen McArdle
    Head of Account Management: Richard Woods
    Senior Account Director: Victoria Venardos
    Account Executive: Shanaz Delawari
    Head of TV: Jenny Lee-Archer
    Agency Producer: Claire Seffrin
    Production Company: Revolver
    Director: Leilani Croucher
    Managing Director/Co-Owner: Michael Ritchie
    Executive Producer/Partner: Pip Smart
    Producer: Alex Kember
    DOP: Sam Chiplin
    Production Designer: Marni Kornhauser
    Food Stylist: Jerrie-Joy Redman-Lloyd
    Post Production: Blockhead
    Grade: Scott Stirling
    Sound Production: Otis Studios
    Editorial: Scott Stirling, The Glue Society Studios
    Creative Services Director: Clare Yardley
    Integrated Producer: Simone Plaza
    Client: George Weston Foods
    Brand: Golden
    Head of Marketing – Bakery Snacks: Jodie Dabelic
    Senior Brand Manager: Yuliya Tarasenko

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