Go Easy on the Delivery Person With ‘No Pressure Delivery’

The initiative urges delivery app users to make a simple change by writing ‘No Pressure Delivery’ in the delivery instructions.


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Ralco Tyres and Sonu Sood have launched a new campaign looking to ease the pressure faced by delivery people. Conceptualized by BBDO India, the initiative urges users to make #NoPressureDelivery a part of every delivery instruction.

The initiative urges delivery app users to make a simple change. By writing ‘No Pressure Delivery’ in the delivery instructions, the delivery person knows that there is no rush for the delivery. In this way, the delivery apps would know that the users are willing to wait a little longer to make sure the delivery executive rides safely, without any time pressure.

Launched through a short video featuring Actor and Philanthropist Sonu Sood, the brand empathizes with delivery executives who spend most of their working hours on roads braving uneven roads, rains, and traffic to deliver the orders. The brand highlights that pressure should be applied to tyres and not people.


The initiative is a follow-up to the year-long campaign that highlights Ralco Tyres’ ability to handle extreme pressures of the roads. Reacting to the campaign, Manjul Pahwa, Director, Ralson India, said, “At Ralco, we make tyres that can handle any and all pressure, so we understand the pressure that delivery executives go through each day. “No Pressure Delivery” is an initiative that we hope will help ease the pressure on the delivery riders and spark a much needed conversation.”

Yogeshwar Sharma, V.P.Marketing Communications, Ralson India, added, “In an era dominated by social media, Ralco Tyres has chosen to bring to the fore social and human angles of certain deserving subjects of commerce and trade. Risk to the life of delivery boys in meeting tight timelines is one subject which Ralco has recently raked up for social conversations through philanthropist Sonu Sood. We hope this drive leads to a social change and the concept of “No Pressure Deliver” catches up to bring respite to the growing community of delivery boys.”

Speaking of how the idea came to light, Hemant Shringy, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India (Mumbai), said, “When we joined hands with Ralco more than four years ago, together we crafted the brand’s ideology of ‘Tread New Paths’. And with each piece of work we’ve done since, we attempted to make a difference. With #NoPressureDelivery the brand takes a thought leadership stance. While it’s amazing that there are constant innovations and new offerings in the world, it’s important to pause and think, do we really need this? Is this sustainable? No Pressure Delivery is a humane plea in the tech-enabled world.”


Priyanka Rishi, GM & EVP, BBDO India (Mumbai) added: “We believe brands can impact societal narratives. Hence we keep a sharp look-out for evolving behaviours that might need to be questioned, re-shaped or reframed. In today’s context, #NoPressureDelivery is one such important conversation. Grateful for brave client partners at Ralco Tyres who hold the same belief and want to drive positive change

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