Global Leaders Optimistic on Growth, Prioritize AI, Tech, Sustainability, and Brand says Report

“Through this research we’ve certainly seen a blurring of where priorities sit.”

According to a new global report on what drives business decisions leaders are optimistic about growth and focused on cybersecurity, AI, sustainability, brand image, and international outlook.

The findings are part of a study from CNN International Commercial (CNNIC), in which lmost 2,000 company leaders across 14 different countries were surveyed by B2B International to reveal their “motivations, fears, and priorities.”

The Business Decision Makers’ Mindset whitepaper features insight from C-suites, business owners, board members, executives, and divisional heads, the comprehensive data set derived from leaders spanning a variety of sectors including Foreign Direct Investment, Logistics and Supply Chain, Business Technology Solutions and Energy, Environment, Social and Governance, to evaluate the nuances and triggers that inform their medium to long term strategies.


Highlights from the report

  • Optimism fuels growth – 81% senior business decision makers (BDMs) are confident in delivering revenue growth for the year ahead.
  • Cybersecurity, AI and advanced technology are focal points of digital transformation strategies, with 81% citing cybersecurity a business objective and 66% citing it is as a top business concern.
  • Sustainability is shifting from an echo to an action chamber – 61% BDMs have changed or plan to exit partnerships with suppliers due to poor ESG or unethical practices.
  • Brand image, perception, reputation and trust are key in decision making with 8 in 10 preferring to work with partners whose values align with theirs.
  • A global outlook is vital and 94% agree that international news is important for informing business decisions.

Source: CNN International Commercial

“Delving into the macro and micro influences on the decision-making process and the impetus that determine an organization’s roadmap has been fascinating,”said Jo Tenzer, Director of Audience Insight at CNNIC, who commissioned and produced the report.

“After navigating unprecedented challenges from technological shifts to managing growing expectations on sustainability, senior business decision makers are maintaining a positive mindset.”

“Through this research we’ve certainly seen a blurring of where priorities sit. AI and emerging technology continue to be a focus and now cybersecurity – which could once have been considered a concern of the IT department but encompasses reputational damage and consumer trust – is a top business priority.”


To read the full whitepaper and download The Business Decision Makers’ Mindset visit here.

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