Girls Get Off Campaign Aims to Close The Masturbation Gap in Australia

“We work to create a space that helps women feel comfortable talking about and making the most of getting off.”


Girls Get Off


Motion Sickness

A new campaign ‘Close The Gap’ from Girls Get Off tackles a topic that remains taboo at many a dinner table. The masturbation gap.

The campaign cites studies showing that the masturbation gap in Australia is particularly pronounced, with research indicating that while half of the males surveyed serviced themselves at least once a month, only a quarter of females do the same. That is a disparity of 50%.

Why does the masturbation gap matter?


Girls Get Off  notes that it “speaks to wider societal attitudes and beliefs toward gender, where women’s sexual agency, self-determination, and entitlement to pleasure are not normalized in the same way as men.”

In light of the orgasm imbalance, and addressing the long road ahead to reduce shame and normalize the joy of self-gratifications Girls Get Off partnered with Motion Sickness to create a provocative awareness campaign, calling attention to this “silent pandemic of dissatisfaction” while supporting their launch into the Australian market.


The campaign includes a wide spread of GGO-customers’ legs appearing across a range of pointed media placements, the ‘Close The Gap’ campaign has a simple purpose; encouraging an open and honest dialogue. Whether that be a conversation on your morning commute, or at your social bowls game, it’s an easy cause to support.

“We work to create a space that helps women feel comfortable talking about and making the most of getting off,” said Viv Conway, Co-Founder, Girls Get Off.

“Women we talk to often have feelings of shame or ‘dirtiness’ surrounding masturbation, and we find that with creative marketing and talking normally about the topic, this helps take away those uncomfortable feelings and close in on the masturbation gap. Masturbation provides health benefits and costs nothing, so why not? Everyone deserves to explore their own pleasure.”

The campaign is live now and runs until February 3rd via traditional OOH and digital panels in Sydney and Melbourne, with social and digital targeted across the entirety of Australia.


Client: Girls Get Off

Agency: Motion Sickness

Head Of Strategy: Hilary Ngan Kee
Client: Viv Conway
Creative Director: Jordan Stent
Executive Creative Director: Sam Stuchbury
Creative: Sophie Crean
Photography: Fraser Chatham
Senior Design: Hamish Steptoe

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