Giant Plastic Poo on Bondi Beach Highlights Pollution Problem for World Environment Day

The impossible-to-ignore installation was developed with the aim of generating global awareness to encourage businesses to cut the sh!t and make a greater commitment to sustainable practices and choices.

To mark World Environment Day, Better Packaging Co. has plopped a four-meter-high pile of poo made of plastic pollution on Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.

The installation is a collaboration between Special New Zealand, Special PR, and The Glue Society, and serves as a visual representation of the sheer amount of plastic sh!t that’s dumped in the world’s oceans every 30 seconds, the campaign said, citing a new report from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) which found that global plastic pollution could be slashed by 80% by 2040 via a series of practical and affordable changes, such as the increased reuse of plastics. The report estimated that this action alone could reduce 30% of plastic pollution in the same timeframe.

In an effort to combat the global pollution crisis, Better Packaging Co. launched a new range of POLLAST!C poly mailers, garment bags, reusable carry bags, pallet wrap and more. The products are made from between 80% and 100% recycled plastic pollution retrieved in Southeast Asia.


The impossible-to-ignore giant poo installation was developed with the aim of generating global awareness to encourage businesses to cut the sh!t and make a greater commitment to sustainable practices and choices.


“We had to find a really disruptive, provocative way to highlight the issue – and landed on a giant poop emoji filled to the brim with the sheer amount of crap that ends up in our oceans every 30 seconds, which is quite frankly f**king disgusting,” said Stu Mallarkey, Executive Creative Director at Special


Kelly Grindle, General Manager at Special PR, added:  “This story has it all – robust messaging and research, underpinned by some jaw-dropping visuals.  We’ve worked hard to ensure this resonates in Australia, New Zealand, and around the globe and have prepared a mix of owned, earned and paid distribution to give this the attention it deserves.  It’s probably the only time the industry can say ‘that’s just another sh*t stunt from Special.’”

Better Packaging Co.’s co-founder Kate Bezar, says “POLLAST!C is proof that we can find ways to fix this environmental challenge. There is enough plastic in the world – the problem is that it doesn’t get collected or recycled, so it eventually ends up in our oceans because it has no perceived value.”

“We’re so lucky to have partnered with Special to raise awareness and encourage global sustainability business practices. This is an issue worth shouting about, even if that means we have to create a four-metre high plastic poo to get the attention it deserves.”


  • Special New Zealand:
    • Executive Creative Director: Stu Mallarkey
    • Producer: Millie Costley-Deakin
    • Account Management: Courtney Spillane
  • Special PR:
    • General Manager: Kelly Grindle
    • Australian Publicist: Liz Hunt
    • New Zealand Publicist: Amanda Vela
  • Production Company: Revolver
    • Production Company: Revolver
    • Art & Directing Collective: The Glue Society
    • Direction & Artist: Alice Cogin
    • Managing Director/Co-Owner: Michael Ritchie
    • Executive Producer/Partner: Pip Smart
    • Executive Producer: Jasmin Helliar
    • Producer: Melanie Booth
    • Production Manager: Claire Salter
    • Cinematographer/Photographer: Jordan Maddocks
    • Model Makers: Yippee Ki-Yay
  • Post Production Company: The Glue Society Studios
    • Editor: Luke Crethar
    • Editor: Kelly Searancke
    • Colourist: Scott Maclean
    • Sound: Liquid Studios


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