Getting Past ‘No’ When Trying to Get Your Teenager to Move


Santé Publique France



Big Productions


It’s been said, and many have borne witness to the fact that today’s teenagers apparently don’t like to move. Perfectly content with stay-in-the-house activities, compounded by recent years of lockdowns, parents of the world would like to see their kids get out and do something.

Convincing them is not so easy. According to a study by IFOP (April 2022), one-third of mothers declare themselves to be in a state of parental burn-out.

In response to this Santé Publique France has tapped creative agency, Romance, to help parents deal with their immovable offspring.


The campaign includes a funny film directed by Julie Navarro highlighting the uphill “no” battle parents are up against.

“Various studies on physical activity in children and teenagers show that parental support has a major influence on physical activity. So, we had to find a way to address parents to help them encourage their teenagers to be more active,” said Anne-Juliette Serry, head of the nutrition and physical activity unit at Santé publique France.

“Faced with this exhaustion, only an emphatic discourse that recognizes the daily efforts of parents will be able to remobilize them,” added Jérôme Lavillat, strategy director at the Romance agency.



Client: Santé publique France

Deputy Director of Prevention & Health Promotion: Claudine Tanguy
Head of the Food & Physical Activity Unit Physical Activity Unit: Anne-Juliette Serry
Communication Officer for Food & Physical Activities: Fanny Gras & Chloé Resche

Agency: Romance

Chief executive Officer: Christophe Lichtenstein
Chief Creative Officer: Alexandre Hervé
Creative Director : Frederick Lung
Copywriter: Camélia Relier Baccouche
Art Director: Claire Croteau
TV Producer: Émilie Talpaert
Assistant TV Producer: Mahé Parisse
Associate Director: Marion Floch
Account Director: Rozenn Traineau
Strategy Director: Jérôme Lavillat
Strategic Planner: Johanna Tannous

Production Company: Big Productions
Director: Julie Navarro
Producer: Raphaël Carassic
Production Manager: Anne-Laure Godinho
Director of Photography: Ruben Impens
Stylist: Lisa Lapauw
Set Designer : Béatriz Arteaga
Coordinator: Joy Autuly

Sound Studio: Schmooze
Directors: Matthieu Sibony & Grégoire Galian

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