Get the Relief Without the Smell – New Campaign for Iodex Ultra Gel

“Most pain gels in the market have an odour and the odour doesn’t bother the sufferer as much as it bothers the people around.”




Grey Group India

We are all too familiar with the pungent smell that follows the application of various pain relief gels. According to a new campaign from Iodex Ultra Gel, one may or may not get relief from the pain, but the smell is a certainty and can be off-putting.

Iodex Ultra Gel addresses exactly that, Pain relief without the usual smell, and so does this campaign that includes a series of 5 short films in a distinctive animation style, created by Grey Group India.

Speaking about the campaign, Bineet Jain, Pain & Respiratory Health Lead, India Subcontinent, Haleon said, “ Leveraging the insight that applying regular pain gel leads to social embarrassment due to a characteristic smell associated with such gels, Iodex Ultragel with its emulgel formula provides pain relief without any smell. Targeting the consumer cohort of working professionals, a series of digital films have been created for everyday situations that we hope will resonate with the audience.”


“Most pain gels in the market have an odour and the odour doesn’t bother the sufferer as much as it bothers the people around. That was the premise we worked with and what came of it were five fun films that highlighted a relatable moment and the efficacy of the product. The animation style, choice of colours and writing behind each film were crafted to make the films sticky and fun,” added Averred Arjun Bhimwal and Piyush Jain, Group CD’s, GREY Group India.

“The brief was as sharp as the product proposition. Convey the unique benefit of No smell, only relief’ in an engaging and entertaining way. At the heart of every story is the product benefit, each anchored by a strong insight, and it also manages to put a smile on your face. That’s what makes these short films special” said Rahul Pahwa, Sr. VP and Head (North) GREY group India.




Category Head – Bineet Jain

Sr. Brand Manager  – Vanshul Arora


Sr. ECD – Vivek Bhambhani

Group CD’s – Piyush Jain, Arjun Bhimwal

Creative Director – Gurdev Singh

Copywriter – Kritika Vasisht

Sr. VP and Head North – Rahul Pahwa

Account Manager – Nidhi Chopra

Production Team – CaST

PR –Sonal Mehta

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