Gerety Awards Announces Shortlist for 2022 With a BBQ Pool Party

Following the release of their shortlist for 2022, the Gerety Awards celebrated the occasion with an Argentinian barbeque with hosts Tantor Films.

If you’re going to announce something special, you might as well do it right. And what better way than a BBQ pool party?

Over 500 guests from 40 different countries joined the Gerety Awards to honor their shortlist as well as past and present judges. Guests were given a beautiful replica Diamond brooch following the name of the award taken from that of Frances Gerety, who coined the slogan “a Diamond is Forever,”.


Before the party kicked off, Gerety Co-Founder Lucía Ongay interviewed Annalise Valentino, creative/producer hybrid based in London at Brave Spark Creative Studio and Emma McKernan, creative based in Belfast, working for PR & Content agency, Smarts. Both Brave Spark and Smarts are agencies within MSQ who partnered with Gerety for this year’s BBQ. Gerety Talks live in Cannes at the Diamonds are forever BBQ party.

The Grand jury, which includes some of the ad industry’s most renowned, respected, and awarded leaders, will now choose the final winners which will be announced Tuesday, September 6.

See the full shortlist here at




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