George Clooney and Jack Black in fun ads for Nespresso in Singapore, Europe Markets

Nespresso coffee has once again teamed up with George Clooney for another ‘Nespresso. What Else?’ campaign.

But this time, they’ve added an entertaining twist by pairing Clooney with actor-comedian Jack Black for a series of ads that take place on the terrace of a swank Italian villa on Lake Como in Italy.

In what is the 10th installment of the campaign which, for Clooney, stretches back to 2006, Black plays an unkempt adversary to the suave Clooney, who Black spitefully calls “McCooney” –while referring to himself as “Jack-a-mo Black-a-mo.”


The primary trope of the Clooney-Black version is Black twisting Clooney’s famed, “What Else?” catch phrase into “What More?”

You simply can’t go wrong with two talents such as these, especially when their styles provide such huge contrast –which works to make their onscreen chemistry pitch perfect.

And luckily for us, the ads, which were created by Leo McCann, are plentiful.

First up the two teasers:

The full version:

Tag spots:

Three short spots prompting viewers to share their stories. (Jack Black seems to be ad-libbing it. Good stuff.)

“What can I say about Jack, it was a tall order but he did quite the job – after a bit of coaching of course,” said George Clooney of his co-star “All joking aside, it was such a fun shoot and Jack was a pleasure to work with.”

Black told the reporters: “Well a lot of legends have sipped on this coffee… so it was clearly time for me to step up and give the infamous ‘What Else’ line a go. As George said, it was a story of me learning from the master!”

Campaign finally in America

As we said, George Clooney has been starring in Nespresso ads internationally since 2006. He’s been joined by the likes of John Malkovich and Matt Damon over the years.

Nespresso just recently announced that Clooney will now finally be featured in the the brand’s ambassador in the U.S. market as well.

Here is the first spot from the US campaign co-starring Danny DeVito.

The Malkovich and Damon spots:

Client: Nespresso
President: Guillaume Le Cunff
Vice President of Marketing: Davide Moro
Marketing Director: Justin DeGeorge
International Brand Communications Manager: Anna Lundstrom
Manager, Marketing Communications: Allison Moore
Brand Manager: Laura Hagege

Agency: McCann, New York
North American Chief Creative Officer: Eric Silver
Chief Creative Officers, New York: Tom Murphy, Sean Bryan
Executive Creative Directors: Larry Platt, Lea Ladera
Creative Directors (Art Directors): Chuck Tso, Carlos Wigle
Creative Directors (Copywriters): Adam Kanzer, Scott Cooney
Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram

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