Parody of Millennial Advertising is So Painfully Accurate it Hurts to Laugh

Hey Millennials. You know who you are. No, wait. Do you? Do we? A lot of brands and members of the ad industry certainly think they’ve got you figured out to a tee.

Such is the creative drive in a cleverly done parody of millennial-focused ad work recently released by Dissolve –the same folks that created the wonderfully done Generic Brand Video back in 2014.

The generic millennial version has all the cringe-worthy clichés one would expect from a brand looking to cash in on millennial money. The party shots. The selfies. The specialness. The dancing. The totes hipster-ness of it all.



While it makes us cringe, it should damn well make advertisers cringe for how accurate it is in reflecting much of the crap being rolled out hoping to appeal to those who check the box marked “millennial”. Whatever that word means.


Here is Dissolve’s Generic Brand Video from 2014:




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