Geneco Partners with Singer Sherman Zhuo to Champion Mental Wellness For Youths

“Having personally faced my own battles with mental health, I deeply empathise with this topic, and through this song, I hope to be able to uplift those who may still be navigating their journey.”

Building on last year’s #MySecretGarden campaign, Singapore’s Residential Electricity Retailer, Geneco, is launching its ‘here, sunrise x sunset’ campaign to continue to #PowerTheChange, highlighting the importance of mental wellness among the youth in Singapore this National Day.

Going hand in hand with this year’s National Day theme of “Together, As One United People,” ‘here, sunrise x sunset’ highlights “the strength in relentless collectivism as we champion mental well-being through the strength and solidarity of Singaporeans,” said the campaign.

Recognizing the need to raise awareness about the importance of mental wellness, Geneco curated the ‘here, sunrise x sunset’ campaign to target the younger generation through a holistic collaboration with homegrown award-winning singer-songwriter Sherman Zhuo, NParks’ Garden City Fund, and Beyond the Label, a movement co-led by both the National Council of Social Service and TOUCH Community Services.


The campaign aims to foster a supportive community and promote mental health awareness, helping youths navigate their mental wellness journey.

The campaign cites a study by the National Art Council (NAC) that revealed one in two respondents aged 15 to 34 are the most interested in music. Of these, 45 percent of them spend time listening to music when they have time to rest, relax, and unwind. Listening to music has also proven to have the ability to reduce stress, enhance mood, and provide a therapeutic outlet for emotional expression, making it an essential tool for mental well-being in this age group.

To harness the transformative power of music, Geneco has collaborated with homegrown award-winning singer-songwriter Sherman Zhuo, who has personally overcome struggles with mental health. As part of the ‘here, sunrise x sunset’ campaign, Sherman and Geneco have collectively released a new song titled ‘endless shine’ on YouTube and Spotify. Composed by Sherman as a letter to himself, ‘endless shine’ portrays his journey of overcoming mental health challenges and societal expectations by finding joy in the little things in life.


“We recognise that youths are found to be more prone to suffer from mental health issues due to school, work and social media-related stressors,” said Alex Chan, Head of Brand, Communications and Marketing at Geneco.

“As such, by working with Sherman, we aim to support more local artists and amplify our efforts to reach the youth demographic in Singapore. We hope to leverage the power of music to spark conversations amongst youths on mental wellness and foster a culture of acceptance and support amidst our stress-laden society.

This collaboration seeks to resonate with the youth, promoting mental wellness and inspiring positive change through music.

Singer-songwriter Sherman Zhuo, added: “I’m excited to partner with Geneco for this campaign as promoting mental health is a cause close to my heart as an artist. In today’s fast-paced world inundated with social media content, I believe that prioritising mental wellness is essential for everyone.

“As a singer-songwriter, I’ve encountered personal struggles navigating through societal norms and expectations. Having personally faced my own battles with mental health, I deeply empathise with this topic, and through this song, I hope to be able to uplift those who may still be navigating their journey.”

Discover Serene Escapades through NParks’ Therapeutic Gardens

NParks has also developed 14 Therapeutic Gardens across Singapore. Each garden is meticulously designed using science-based principles to facilitate people’s interactions with nature, enhancing the mental well-being of its visitors.

Geneco also took the opportunity to elevate its long-standing partnership with Garden City Fund further by featuring one of NParks’ new Therapeutic Gardens, East Coast Park, in the music video of ‘endless shine’. Through this, Geneco hopes to raise awareness of Therapeutic Gardens, highlighting more avenues for stressed youths to find solace and rejuvenation amid a serene and tranquil environment.

Further to this collaboration, Geneco will also be donating S$10,000 to the Garden City Fund to support NParks’ Therapeutic Horticulture Programme, aimed to maximise the features of therapeutic gardens through the use of plants and nature-related activities.

Bringing ‘endless shine’ To Life Through A Week-Long Pop-up Installation At Bugis Junction Atrium

Further expanding outreach to the youths, Geneco will be hosting a pop-up installation at the atrium of Bugis Junction from 29 July to 4 August 2024, open daily from 10am to 10pm. This event invites visitors to immerse in the transformative essence of ‘endless shine’ with specially curated sound tube installations, heartfelt lyrics, and melodies, providing a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This initiative is part of Geneco’s broader effort to ensure that youths are exposed to the campaign, driving positive changes in the perception of mental wellness.

From 1 July to 31 August, members of the public can stand a chance to be one of five lucky winners to walk away with $100 worth of eCapitaVouchers simply by casting their votes for their favourite lyrics featuring the scenes from ‘endless shine’ music video through either Geneco’s campaign page or onsite at the pop-up installation. Upon listening to the song, onsite voters will also get to receive additional goodies such as a limited edition Geneco tote bag and an exclusive Geneco Green Starter Kit.

The Limited edition Geneco tote bags are available while stocks last. The Geneco Green Starter Kit is valid for the first 50 onsite voters between 3 PM to 6 PM on 3 and 4 August.

Combating Mental Health Stigma with Beyond the Label

To round up the ‘here, sunrise x sunset’ campaign, Geneco will be launching its inaugural collaboration with Beyond the Label, a nationwide movement by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and TOUCH Community Services. This partnership reinforces Geneco’s dedication to supporting mental health initiatives and cultivating a more inclusive society, signifying a powerful step forward in our national efforts to encourage mental wellness and open conversations and acceptance about mental health within the community.

Commenting on the collaboration, Ms Andrea Chan, Beyond the Label Lead, TOUCH Community Services shared, “Raising awareness and promoting dialogue around mental health will pave the way for a healthier and more supportive community. We are glad to join hands with Geneco for their ‘here, sunrise x sunset’ campaign to highlight our collective mission to champion mental wellness and challenge mental health stigma in Singapore. With the upcoming Beyond the Label Fest 2024’s focus on the mental well-being of youths, we hope to equip youths with the tools they need to manage their mental health concerns and encourage them to be active advocates of mental wellness in their communities.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with like-minded partners and individuals such as Garden City Fund, Beyond the Label and Sherman Zhuo as we deepen our commitment to #PowerTheChange and tackle broader societal issues, including the ever-increasing importance of happiness and mental wellness among Singaporeans. Understanding the significance of raising awareness and challenging societal norms surrounding mental wellness, particularly among the youth in Singapore, is at the core of our campaign objectives,” Alex Chan, continued.

In addition to the donation to support NParks’ Therapeutic Horticulture Programme, Geneco will also donate S$10,000 to Beyond the Label once the company reaches its goal to achieve 1 million streams of ‘endless shine’ across both Spotify and YouTube, bringing the total monetary contribution to S$20,000 in its support towards promoting mental health awareness.

#PowerTheChange this National Day with Geneco and let music pave the way to better mental wellness. Learn more about the campaign and upcoming events by going here.

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